Saturday, July 29, 2006

What to do on a Solo Saturday...

Every single last one of my closest girlfriends has gone out of town (without me - how could they!), and the husband is working. So I've done the dishes, am readying the peach tart, and have to get out of the house for a while to undo the angst I've developed by talking to my mom about all the vitamins and nutritional stuff I need to be doing to take the depression "into my own hands" instead of relying on the prescription (see last post). Well, she's right on probably every single count, and I will. But for now, i'm working on not being paralyzed by overwhelm from such conversations. My poor husband (after giving him the report) kept saying, it's still early, don't worry, please still have a good day... So I'm going to finish up this post and get the hell to doin' something instead of dwellin'... Hopefully it'll work...


Grocery store
Framing place to price frames for art to put on consignment
Call the yard guy, please let me find someone who'll trim the trees for a bargain
Figure out a security company to come give an estimate on getting ours working
Figure out an AC company to get an estimate that'll make me cry (have to replace every last piece of our heating and ac system)
PLAY PLAY PLAY in the studio

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