Thursday, January 11, 2007

Did you say letterboxing?

So i've spent the last month and a half not blogging but actually working.

First on the house, where we've almost finished our living and dining rooms. Just hanging art, replacing one piece of furniture and refinishing the floors and they'll be just about complete, at least until I grow restless and want to do them over again. We've installed ceiling fans, replaced light fixtures, just done a TON of stuff. Thanks and props to my brother who said "Look, you can either be doing the cool thing, living in a historical area, renovating a fixer-upper, or else you just have to admit that you live in a dump." Husband and I decided we didn't want to cop the dump, so we started working. And big yay for the difference, pics soon.

Second, the craft room. I have been painting, for myself, and for commission. I have been framing, to hang said art in the house. I have been crafting. I made jewelry for my best girlfriends for Christmas and have been doing the holiday thing. Cooking, cleaning, decorating, undecorating, etc.

I have also been hibernating. And in that time, just researching, reading, stewing, meditating and learning about all sorts of wonderful crafty things, all of which will wind up here at some point. Not the least of which, is stamping. Which i've never done, although printmaking was one of my concentrations in college and it's pretty similar. So i've been looking around, seeing what I want to do and I came across letterboxing. It's stamping meets Indiana Jones... Read on...

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