Sunday, April 08, 2007

Amy's bread, part 2

So the bread was sweeter, delicious, but not appropriate for dinner (see below). It was COMPLETELY delicious toasted with strawberry preserves for my husband's breakfast a day or two later, and this morning, I decided to try it for French Toast. It was un-be-liev-able. It tasted like it was right out of the Four Seasons kitchen, and I've never even attempted to make French Toast before....

Here's what I did:
Two thick slices (approx 1") of Amy's bread
Soak in 2 eggs, whisked with a little non-fat milk, for a couple minutes on each side
On medium-high heat, fry in a tablespoon of butter with a little vegetable oil, til brown-ish on each side.
Serve, with maple syrup.
It was RIDICULOUS-good... here's the evidence:

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