Friday, August 03, 2007

Thrifting for fabric

I haven't decided about thrifting for fabric yet. Seems a little like buying bed sheets at a garage sale, but a zillion crafters can't be wrong, and this post from seems interesting. I may check a couple places and see what it's really like. My fancy hands will report back.


  1. Sandi Henderson9/8/07, 11:41 AM

    Oh yes-you must start! I actually feel more comfortable buying thrifty fabric than anything else because it obviously hasn't been used yet. I always soak thrifted items in BIZ before I use them, even if it doesn't look like they need it and it makes a huge difference.

  2. Thanks for the tip!! I actually found I could "thrift" at Ikea for their textiles in the As-Is area... most of their stuff comes in sheets/drapes/etc. and in 'as-is' I got a twin-size sheet for $2.99.

    So I'm making progress!!!