Sunday, September 23, 2007

Resident Curatorship Program

I would so move to Maryland for this, if only you could own the house instead of the life-lease... The Maryland Resident Curatorship Program

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  1. Donna Ann Harris3/8/08, 12:51 PM

    The Maryland Resident Curator program is one of the best ones in the country. It is well managed and offers people the opportunity to restore and live in an historic building without owning the property. For some this is a dream come true. I wrote about the Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission's resident curator program for Hazelwood in my book New Solutions for House Museums: Ensuring the Long Term Preservation of America's Historic Houses. It is a facinating case study, because finding the right person to take on the project is the most critical task in the Request for Proposals process.

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    Donna Ann Harris