Sunday, October 21, 2007

Maker's Faire - A recap

Craft Magazine and Make Magazine, together, resulted in about 8000 Anthony Michael Hall's from Weird Science, and about 500 Martha Stewarts. My hope would be that the 'faire' would split, but that probably won't happen for a WHILE, so I'll be positive and just chalk it up to the humor that is the humanity in a festival situation.

Travis County Fairgrounds: abysmal. Please hold it somewhere else next time, where we don't have to trample through the 'livestock' area, in dirt, dust and I'm sure much worse.

Best thing I saw:
Lacemakers of Austin's demonstration on the traditional method of "bone lacing," an art form from 1350ad, weaving lace with wood bobbins adorned with "spangles."

Also good:
Capital City Scribes calligraphy association.

In attendance:
Studio3 screen printing
Jenny Hart ofSublime Stitching

Weirdest thing:
Avalon research center, not sure if this is actually the name of the group or if it was just what was on their jackets, but this is where Weird Science truly came to life. Men in white lab coats, a couple wearing antennas, computer-generated music that spawned lightning effects from glass orbs. This exhibit drew a couple hundred observers. I'm still kind of speechless.

The "Make" side of things had your requisite Popular Science followers, DIY robots, LED clocks, make your own lamps, motorize your own bike, etc. etc.

Lion Brand Yarn had a display, as did Bernina, where I got to try out an embroidery machine, a serger and a quilting machine. I want a serger now, BAD.

Best-looking exhibitor: HOT guys work for them.

Patricia Zapata's junkmail art was great, also did a demo.

Finally: a man missing his right arm, wearing a t-shirt that said "I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous." It's almost too obvious to be ironic.

All in all, good time, definitely would go again.


  1. Um, yeah, I'll be needing an invite to next year's festivities.

  2. Dang it! I cannot believe I forgot about this!!! I've been so excited about it since I heard about them coming to Austin! UGH-there is just too much stuff going on in October this year...I haven't even had time to blog.

    But, LMAO at "8000 Anthony Michael Hall's from Weird Science"! I'm surprised though, that there were only about 500 Martha's. And I do agree that the Travis County Fairgrounds can get pretty nasty!