Saturday, October 06, 2007

A weekend in Cambridge, Mass

Legal Seafood. Best seafood ever.

In 72 hours, I've had lobster bisque, P.E.I. oysters on the halfshell, steamed mussels, a lobster roll.

Sheraton Commander. Interesting hotel, there's a diarama in the lobby. For realz.

Awesome pedicure Pyara Aveda, an Aveda salon so not your standard $20 but the piggies look awesome in black for Halloween.

Black Ink.
Hands down, the best store I've ever been to, it had japanese paper, modern home decor, craft and sewing books, fun tchotchkes, I want to open a FRANCHISE.

An interesting side project of Black Ink, the Museum of Useful Things, The Beauty of Function

Wandered around Beadworks for a while, great store! A little on the expensive side, but they had some fun stuff and I didn't spend too much money. However. I had to come all the way to Cambridge to find out that there's one in Dallas?

Harvard University. Smartest people ever.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Smartest of the smart people, including my Dad.

Casablanca Restaurant, North African food, surprisingly good.

And a surprise addition, His Holiness Karekin II and his entire entourage were staying at our hotel. He's the Primate of the Armenian Orthodox Church. Very unusual. And yes, Primate is the right word.

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