Saturday, June 14, 2008

An interpretation of the wedding gift

When I got married, I was determined we'd give creative versions of the traditional and contemporary wedding anniversary gifts...

So far, we've done the following...

1st Anniversary
Traditional: Paper
Contemporary: Plastics

We did..
For John: Subscription to the New York Times and a donation to the American Forestry Organization
For me: Art paper, lots of it

2nd Anniversary
Traditional: Cotton
Contemporary: Cotton or China

We did...
For John: 100% cotton hammock
For me: the Martha Stewart embroidery starter set with 100% cotton embroidery floss.

3rd Anniversary
Traditional: Leather
Contemporary: Leather or Crystal/Glass

We did...
For John: leather-handled basket with leather barbeque gloves and leather-accented barbeque supplies
For me: a Coach purse (woot!)

4th Anniversary
Traditional: Fruit/Flowers
Contemporary: Linen/Silk/Nylon

We did...
a joint gift, a beautiful new set of bedding (linens, get it?)

5th Anniversary
Traditional: Wood
Contemporary: Wood or Silverware

We did...
a joint gift, home improvement supplies, including wood-handled hammers, etc. etc. for the house we had just bought

6th Anniversary
Traditional: Candy
Contemporary: Iron

We did... um, nothing for this year, we were stumped, and apparently lazy.

And for this year...

7th Anniversary
Traditional: Copper or Wool
Contemporary: Brass or Desk Sets

We are doing: hm. 2 days to decide.
We did...
John gave me a gorgeous copper tea kettle, and I gave him a copper mixing bowl with a new salt grinder and some fancy salt. Thank goodness he's a cook, it makes for easier gifts.


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  2. Glad you finally came up with something!