Thursday, June 08, 2006


I have been maniacally taking care of accounting and household issues in an attempt to avoid the fact that my friend is off and running with inspiration and has gotten back to painting. Hey, at least I'm being productive if I'm not going to work. I'm currently doing a face mask (read further) that prevents me from doing much of anything (it's that intense) except sit here and type. I could go deeper on the issues of avoidance, as I'm sure most people have thoughts on it. But I'm frustrated, so I don't really want to talk about it. If you do have thoughts on it, or rather ideas of its source and solutions for getting around it, PLEASE comment here. I've been over and over it and through rounds and rounds of therapy to limited avail.

Instead of ranting about that, i'll just point you in this direction (aversion, but whatevs), it is AWESOME stuff, I cannot vouch for it enough... Aztec Secret It literally sucks the junk right out of your pores, and for someone with chronic opportunities for picking at my face, I just love it. I found it at Whole Foods but you can order it directly from their web site.

Just a small warning though, it's intense, and weird-looking, so probably best not to use it around kids.

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