Thursday, June 08, 2006


I really couldn't care less about basketball as a sport. It started in California when I was young and my little private school was the state champion in it. I never cared, never was interested, an anomaly then I guess. But now with the NBA finals on, me on my computer showing my support to the home team, I step outside and can hear cheering down the block. I love this. I love living in a neighborhood where I can hear my neighbors, and love living in a town that has a team to root for.

In this old, historical neighborhood where my husband and I are struggling with our 'fixer-upper' - a topic that will duly invite many posts and pictures in the future - I love love love my house and my neighborhood. Love the idea of my neighbors drinking beer with their friends and hanging out on their large wrap-around porches, love that all the walls are so old and thin that we can hear each other in our living rooms. Love that I could hear my husband washing dishes before I walked in the front door when I came home from work. (the love that my husband was washing dishes at all isn't lost on me either) I don't think ever before, in this town that I've lived in for going on 13 years, I've been so pleased with our lot.

Ironically (I never use this word correctly), we got a ticket for violating city code today. Turns out it's our responsibility to keep the alley clear of brush and weeds. We didn't know, it's our first house. We have ten days to get it cleaned up. But I guess I'm happy, that the city even noticed, that even in a small, revenue-generating kind of way that the city is being cared for.

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