Thursday, June 08, 2006

Working: the Foundation

We've picked a contractor, our foundation will officially be repaired one week from today. Whee!! What was originally the "too expensive" item, has, after a year, become the only big item we can even entertain on our 7-page long list of things to do to this house... Built in 1924, the foundation is due its periodic repair. Grand scheme, we're VERY lucky it's only maintenance type stuff. And after myriad estimates for other work that have gone over $10,000, to have this project come in so much lower, is a relief.

And there's something kind of reassuring as well, that we're working on the foundation. Just the word 'foundation' is so strong, and so appealing to really give our house the structural support it needs, and that we need from it. It's almost a ground-up sort of feel, that by doing this we can proceed with so many of our other plans. It's the start of the next leg of this journey.

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